Innovative communication in a digitalized world.

Sustainable strategies.

Communication with culture.

 Video the future medium.

Publishing reinterpreted.

Riverside is a new idea.


The strategies of companies or organizations and their associated offerings are reaching the increasingly critical audience of digital natives less and less often. Generation Z in particular can hardly be addressed through familiar channels.


An informed, sceptical youth can no longer be bothered by intrusive advertising channels. Their consumer and media behavior is far more differentiated than with any previous generation. This is why the old recipes of advertising and PR agencies no longer work.


This is where we come in by acting more flexibly and dynamically than traditional communication service providers. We are scouts in the digital jungle and analysts of social developments. We advise and design in a way that is geared to the substantial needs of our clients as well as their customers and stakeholders in a digitalized world.


Successful communication through cultural insights.


The widespread scepticism towards institutions and companies requires them to behave in new ways. Dialogue instead of campaigns oriented towards the objectives of the broadcasters, more interest and openness for the wishes and values of the peer groups, right up to individual communication with each individual customer.


With this in mind, we have developed the concept of »Cultural Insights«, which is based on co-working with peer groups. We are convinced that entrepreneurial and communicative strategies can no longer be implemented without knowledge of the finely branched, highly diverse, rapidly changing interests and attitudes in our society.


Strategies in a complex world.


In addition to the insights, there is the authentic story of the station and the associated focus on long-term values.

at the heart of our strategic and communicative work. And we believe that these values are linked to social developments - climate protection, equality, diversity, art, music and literature.


Online needs Offline.


We design and produce informative, credible and entertaining content for our clients as if on our own initiative. Straightforward, meaningful, sympathetic and efficiently distributed via relevant channels.


In the same sense, we understand events and cultural engagements as platforms where audience, stakeholders and suppliers meet in a highly enjoyable and inspiring way. We develop this link between online and offline and thus create an emotional quality that is indispensable for successful communication.


Our fields of work.


Analytics and Cultural Insights


Development and implementation of market and brand strategies


Communication, Campaigning


Digital Strategies and Digital Storytelling


Integration of culture into corporate strategies and communication


Conception and realisation of cultural projects


Production and distribution of media


We would be happy to explain our concepts, cases and tools in a personal conversation.


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