Creativity, digitality, knowledge, flexibility and commitment.


In the future, it will be important for providers, for the broadcasters of advertising or informational messages to conduct the dialogue with the individual customer wherever and whenever they want, wherever and whenever they want.


This highly individualised form of communication promises more intensity and efficiency, but requires us, the consultants and creative people, to constantly provide up-to-date, differentiated know-how and the highest level of service.


Strategy, consulting, creation and culture.


We advise companies, management, organisations, public institutions or federal offices. We support clients from a wide range of fields with strategic and creative tasks, but also with individual advice regarding their media behaviour.


In addition, we bring unusually extensive experience from management consulting, the best advertising, PR and web agencies, top journalism and film production. We transfer this know-how to the requirements of digital communication.


In doing so, we pursue the highest standards, because we are convinced that only this excellence leads to success.




Only those who are close to the people from whom the essential cultural and technological impulses emanate can communicate convincingly with them. Especially the highly differentiated communication with young target groups requires access to the language and behaviour of these generations.


Together with insiders from these target groups, we develop strategies and media that work in the digitalised world of today and tomorrow.




The rapid pace of technological and social development requires a dynamic, adaptable structure for consulting and services.


This is why we have decided to work in a network with selected, highly qualified partners.